Bubbles on the Bayou

Custom built from a vintage 1979 camper, Bubbles brings Champagne on Tap to Bayou Haven for a unique experience that is reserved exclusively for couples getting married at the venue!

There are a number of companies out of Dallas, New Orleans, and Houston that will bring a Champagne on Tap mobile station to your wedding, but with travel costs and other overhead they have to cover, the rental costs runs $3500 or more for 3 hours of use. In contrast, Bubbles offers an even more exciting experience for less than half the costs!
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Who doesn't smile
when they have a
glass of champagne
in their hands?

Details at a glance...

Champagne Cart Overview
  • Rental includes a dedicated Bartender that will be dedicated to Bubbles your entire event; all set-up and preparation; all cleaning; and overall operations are all included. No extra fees or costs.
  • Bubbles remains open until 30 minutes before your main inside bar stops serving.
  • Proprietary cooling system that dispenses Champagne at the perfect chilled temperature between 37-41 degrees. Even on hot Summer days!
  • Renting Bubbles requires a 3 week advance notice.
Photo Booth Overview
  • The inside of the Camper can accommodate a mobile Photo Booth!
  • The inside is optional. To host your photo booth inside Bubbles, there's $100 fee for inside preparation, use, and cleaning
  • inside of Bubbles has A/C and dedicated Power
  • Nothing compliments Champagne on Tap more than a little FUN!

Introductory rental price of $850*
for all rental agreements signed before
December 31, 2020.
$1350 after January 2021

*Rental does not include Champagne kegs or Champagne glasses. We have partnered with Maison Louisiane Catering as the exclusive provider of your champagne kegs. Any rental company can provide champagne glass for your event. We recommend and work closely with The Rental Gallery in Alexandria.

The Story of Bubbles and how it all started...

Bubbles came to us in a bit different condition but we saw the potential and knew what she could be. So, we carefully took her apart and started fixing and or replacing her with a brand new body! Although her outside skin is all original, most everything underneath the surface is new and upgraded! We plan to post the entire story of how we found, remodeled, and adopted Bubbles as a permanent offering at Bayou Haven. Hint: It all started with the planning of our own daughter's wedding! Stay tuned for details…
Arrival from Iowa!
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Day One!
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Day 4!
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All Finished!
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